Инструкция torque pro obd2

Read and clear trouble codes, turn off the MIL and display real-time sensor data with the use of a downloaded OBD2 App from App Store or Google Play. Users can swipe between seven «screens» upon which they may place any number of virtual gauges. При желании можно загрузить расширенный набор параметров от производителя автомобилей. В любой момент вы можете просмотреть значение датчиков предыдущих проверок. Choose from over 13,000 locations across the UK Prime members get unlimited deliveries at no additional cost How to order to an Amazon Pickup Location? Its newest version, 2.17 – premium GPS tracking – was made available to the public in March 2014 and comes with an indicator of the air fuel ratio. The free Torque Lite takes the user straight to the Realtime Information screen and lacks the other four functions of the Pro version.The Realtime Information dashboard is the heart of the Torque Pro and Lite apps. For example, Torque Pro can also display calculated values (such as 0-60 time, trip distance, or quarter-mile times) derived from the raw data present in the Lite version of the app. The same is true for iPhones and other iOS devices that can have the app installed here for free. OBDLink Being specially designed for the Android operating system, OBDLink is a high quality application available on Google Play. This way you’re saving time and instead of investigating yourself the app simply tells what to do. Также заметно выше (2-4 раза) скорость считывания данных по сравнению с ELM327 версий 1.x. Сравнить с версией ELM327 2.0 возможность еще не представилась.

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The Torque Pro Elm 327 is an Android OBD 2 bluetooth fault code reader. So what exactly does this mean ? It means you can use your phone , tablet or any other device that runs Android to clear codes stuck in the ECU of the car. Теперь, думаю, многих может заинтересовать вопрос выбора микроконтроллера (ELM327, ELM327 клон, STN1110), поскольку цены могут отличаться более чем на порядок от $5-7 до $100 и более за устройство.ELM327 – оригинальная разработка и продукт компании ELM Electronics. However, don’t forget that you would need to buy and attach an OBD device for these apps to work. We shall be listing out the best ones in an upcoming article. Если уверенности в совместимости еще нет, то наличие и форма разъема могут послужить дополнительным ключом к разгадке тайны DLC.Мы ищем 16-контактный диагностический разъем трапециевидной формы, такой как на рисунке. After inputting vehicle-specific values for engine displacement, vehicle weight, and fuel type into a vehicle profile, Torque Pro can even calculate estimates for fuel economy, horsepower, and — of course — torque. Sold by Cyber Online Sales and Fulfilled by Amazon. Quantity:1 2 3 Quantity:1 Add to Basket | 44 answered questions Price: £24.99 Sale: £16.97 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20. Delivery Details You Save: £8.02 (32%) Only 3 left in stock — order soon. Желаем успехов в поисках диагностического разъема и выборе оптимального варианта адаптера! А пока вы заняты поиском, мы готовим следующую статью, в которой познакомим вас с доступными программными решениями и покажем как на практике считывать данные с бортового компьютера автомобиля.П.С. Ура! That data alone gives Torque Pro enough infomation to calculate 0-60 and quarter-mile times and to record and export historical position logs to Google Earth.We used the PLX Kiwi Bluetooth to supply OBD-II data to the Torque Pro app. Android. Наиболее распространенный вариант — Bluetooth адаптер. Wi-Fi Direct может поддерживаться либо на «рутированных» устройствах, либо на версиях Android 4.x, также на некоторых устройствах могут быть нюансы с аппаратной поддержкой Wi-Fi Direct. Simply download the app on iTunes of Google Play to start your journey to becoming a better driver. OBD Fusion The OBD Fusion application is available for all devices running on iOS and can be easily downloaded for $9.99 on iTunes.

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Torque pro obd2 инструкция

The View Map function displays a Google Map with a color-coded log of your last few trips. Доступны такие опции, как мониторинг производительности, крутящего момента, текущей температуры двигателя, диагностика технического состояния и многое другое. Информацию, которую вы получаете, можно просматривать как в графиках, так в циферблатах и простых числовых значениях. Compatible with all standard OBDII protocols, Kiwi 3 installs in seconds. Motordata ELM327 (RUS)Бесплатная программа для диагностики дял ELM327 на русском языке от компании «Легион-Автодата» Позволяет с помощью ноутбука и адаптера ELM327 USB и ELM327 Bluetooth настроить работу двигателя и сделать расширенную диагностику.

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Работает с авто с 1996г. американского рынка, с 2001г. с европейскими бензиновыми, с 2004г. с европейскими дизелями. Apps for All To ensure a superior user experience we partnered with the world’s most popular OBD app developers. What do customers buy after viewing this item? Torque – это программа, предоставляющая вам возможность сканировать, проводить диагностику и просматривать данные о вашем автомобиле. Test Results allows users to perform a similar check to make sure their vehicle’s sensors are reporting properly. Whether you have to go to work in a different city, are taking a class far away from your house or you just want to make transportation faster and easier for you and your family, having a car is definitely a convenient. Если во время работы Torque загорелась лампочка check engine на панели приборов, то приложение может её выключить. Например, на Skoda Octavia A5 можно настроить тест стрелок и аналогичные функции. Finally, Graphing lets users plot data from any two vehicle sensors (for example, fuel pressure and engine RPM) on a chart for easy comparison. In addition to the built-in functions, Pro users can also install plug-ins to further extend the functionality of the Torque app. Make sure this is set to ‘Bluetooth’ Scroll down to the bluetooth preferences section, select ‘Choose Bluetooth Device’ and select the adapter you paired with earlier. Package includes: 1 x Veepeak OBDCheck Pro WiFi OBD2 Scanner and 1 x User Manual.The advanced Veepeak OBDCheck Pro is an easy-to-use, inexpensive WiFi OBD2 adapter that can turn your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool and real-time performance monitor.

Torque pro obd2 автомобиль инструкция

Torque Pro The Torque Pro app is helping drivers get better by allowing them to see what their car is doing in real time. Any car manufacturered from 2000 onwards (and quite a few from the mid ’90s) should have an OBD2 compliant diagnostics port installed. Доступно продолжение — Часть 3. Как подключить смартфон к авто — читаем данные. Some lights on it should light up. If you are using the PLX adapter, make sure it is turned on if it has a switch. Some common places for it are underneath the drivers-side dashboard, or behind a flap near or underneath the steering wheel. OliviaDrive Это бесплатная программа диагностики, основное преимущество которой является точные измерения расхода топлива. Firmware can be updated via Bluetooth and employs a nearly invisible design. Download the Torque App from the Google play store. This is where diagnostics hardware and apps like Torque Pro and Lite for Android step in, putting all of that data at your fingertips.Torque doesn’t require anything more than the hardware already present on your Android phone to function. Select the device, you will be asked for a pairing code, enter the pairing code for the device.

This is why we gathered some of the most impressive OBD apps for you in the following article. Some of the features you’ll become familiar with are the safety factor expressed in points from 0 to 100, the average speed, driving time and maximal speed. To start using the application visit the Play section from Google and download it online. The main wiki page is here and there are forums where you can register and chat about the app here. Также разъем может находиться на самой консоли со стороны водителя. Умеет отображать данные в в графическом виде в виде приборов и графиков. Torque is an OBD2 performance and diagnostic tool for any device that runs the Android operating system. It will allow you to access the many sensors within your vehicles Engine Management System, as well as allow you to view and clear trouble codes. The latest version – 2.1.0 – has been updated in January 2014 and is available in English. Когда я выбирал адаптер, такие на ибее по 35$ были, и в Россию доставлять ибей отказывались. Package Includes: 1 x Veepeak OBDCheck Pro1 x User Manual*App or software requires separate download and purchase.

Selecting the adapter with Torque Launch Torque, and go into the applications settings menu Select the «OBD2 Bluetooth Settings» settings option Scroll down the list of items until you see ‘Connection Type’ in the list. Simply return it to us, as long as its the same as when you purchased we will issue a full refund no questions asked. Functioning with alarms, every time something goes wrong with the car, there is a special time off alarm that indicates whether the speed is too high, there’s a problem with the temperature, you’re experiencing low voltage, high RPM or any other different problem. There are several such applications starting with the oldest ones that don’t make it very clear what problem you’re confronted with and moving close to the present, when apps became extremely comprehensive. But we don’t always understand what our cars are trying to tell us, do we? In that case, the variety of on-board diagnostics systems to choose from are a good solution. Index reference user_interface torque Android Torque app Lithiumate Pro wireless interface to an Android phone using the Torque app You can monitor your Lithiumate Pro wirelessly through your Android phone using the Torque app and a OBDII-USB adapter. Приложение представляет собой полноценный диагностический комплекс автомобильных двигателей для Android-устройств. Users can also record their journey via the Track Recorder plugin. Now you need to pair the adapter with the phone.

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