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This command will compress your app built by gulp build command. gulp package Options —no-babel If you wouldn’t use Babel ES2015 transpiler. —skip-install Skips the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished. —test-framework=[framework] Defaults to mocha. Run this command to build your Chrome Extension app. gulp build You can also distribute your project with compressed file using the Chrome Developer Dashboard at Chrome Web Store. The sources written by es2015 is located at scripts.babel and runnable sources are will be at script after compiling by gulp babel. However, at this moment, you need to execute babel task of gulp to compile to test and run your extension on Chrome, because ES2015 is not full functionality on Chrome as yet.

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You can choose Browser UI(Browser,Page Action, Omnibox) type and select into permissions what you need. Please visit Google Chrome Extension Development Generators Available generators: App Sets up a new Chrome Extension, generating all the boilerplate you need to get started. yo chrome-extension gulp tasks Babel The generator supports ES 2015 syntax through babel transforming. Maintainer: Jimmy Moon Chrome Extension generator that creates everything you need to get started with extension development. You may have a source files in script.babel if your project has been generated without —no-babel options. Please see this for further information. yo chrome-extension —sass All of Permissions for Chrome Extension Need to add more permissions for chrome extension? Please see Getting started with Yeoman and generator-webapp for your understanding. gulp watch Build and Package It will build your app as a result you can have a distribution version of the app in dist. You can get all list of permissions using —all-permissions option when scaffolding a new project. yo chrome-extension —all-permissions Contribute See the contributing docs License BSD license.

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