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Archived from the original on 15 July 2013. ^ a b c Schmitt, Lionel «NAIM NAIT XS». . Второй «чёрный ящик» — проигрыватель CD5si. Да разве скажешь, что это новейшая модель? If one has to find a few flaws, bass is not so deep and powerful as other amps’, but imaging is great and it retains, in more modern ways, the classic, lively Naim voicing I was so fond of a few years ago. Dynamic prowess is never in question, detail is retrieved and relayed explicitly without impinging on the overall picture, and low frequencies punch with the sort of implacable solidity Naim might once have deemed flashy. Archived from the original on 15 July 2013. ^ a b c Groom, John (September 2002). «Naim 5 slimline series». Audioenz. With this new amp, the change I am having is 100000 miles apart. When music is present, you hear it; when it’s not, you hear nothing. Please don’t invoke Sesame Street rebuttals that a 180° turn makes any left right. Four bipolar Sanken transistors perform the heavy lifting, two per channel in push/pull. A small irritation of «it ain’t Naim if the DIN sockets don’t wobble» is par for the course since the Brits value mechanical decoupling. Better than any of my Audiolabs, Brystons ot Nads.

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Archived from the original on 15 July 2013. ^ a b Lefkowicz, Steve; Cox, Larry; Chavira, Victor; Duran, Francisco (2001). «naim – Nait 5.0 integrated and Stageline phono-section». Positive Feedback. But anyone who allows those shortcomings to get in the way of Nait 5i ownership has their priorities all wrong. It’s one of a few £700-£800 stereo amps you absolutely, positively must hear before you make a purchase. . Home | Reviews | Integrated Amplifiers | Naim Product DescriptionIntegrated amplifier to replace the Nait 5. Rated at 50wpc into 8 ohms, four line-level inputs (CD, Tuner, Tape, A/V), all four of which have RCA sockets and two of which (CD and Tuner) also offer the Naim 5-pin DIN connectors. Однако у Naim на краях диапазона звучание изящнее, красивее. «Канадец» переиграл соперника лишь в средней полосе. Shrunk too has the price, at one-point-seven about half of big(ger) brother. Has guts, subtlety, and definitely belies its spartan looks and features. It’s exactly the integrated one should buy when on a relative budget and only criteria are good sound and musical evolvement. Воспроизведение у него получалось и более информативным, и естественным, несмотря на лёгкий транзисторный привкус. Archived from the original on 16 November 2013. ^ Colloms, Martin. «Supernait + HiCap». Hi-fi Critic, Q4 2009 (courtesy link by Naim Audio). Archived from the original on 30 July 2013. External links[edit]. Как раз в то время мода на айподы достигла апогея. И фирма решила на этой волне найти новых покупателей среди молодого поколения, для чего выпустила недорогой хай-файный усилитель с 3,5-миллиметровым гнездом на лицевой панели — входом для карманного цифрового плеера.

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With impeccable timing, it is producing music top to bottom with no compromise to the recorded material it plays. You will hear each and every detail recorded with almost life like and natural form. If you want a world class audio gear for a small budget, make sure that this amp be a part of that system. Антенный тюнер на вход усилителя с ОС. KB усилитель 800 вт на одном транзисторе Звуковой усилитель с 220 на 12 в Зкономия электроэнергии при работе с УМ 3х ГУ-50 или 2х ГИ-7Б ? Электрическая принципиальная схема усилителя Кто у нас в России делает КВ усилители? Did they cut corners then when mounting the RCAs rock solid as though such inferior solutions deserve no better? While that might sound rather like obsessive/compulsive behaviour, if it makes an audible difference where a cable tie is placed, then why not address that situation? With their newly minted PCB decoupling, I could only make out that the rear sector with the DIN plugs has more play than the front. Out of the box, it will sound wonderful, vibrant and anyone would love it. One can adapt since it’s becoming near convention these days to shun spades. Of course it is convention to expect the right channel speaker terminals on the right side (when viewed from the front) and vice versa.

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Highly recommend to use NAIM speaker cables to get the full potential of this nice little integrated. As well go with NAIM source if possible which will improve sound significantly than with other non-NAIM sources. Perhaps the header should have read super and small? Some will hanker after more inputs, a phono stage or a heftier remote control. Nait 5i, в общем-то, вещь, которая вызывает доверие.

This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below This review first appeared in the May 2009 issue of hifi & stereo magazine fairaudio.de. Hey, it’s BritFi. Everyone else drives right, they left. For all that its most recent products are geared towards an all-embracing, all-inclusive future (we’re thinking specifically of the Uniti and HDX), there’s still more quirk about Naim’s Nait 5i than most manufacturers would dare to serve up. Trim-wise, the XS loses three items of the Supernait: The balance control (who cares?), the headphone socket (nice to have) and five digital inputs because the XS omits the internal DAC. Okay, some will miss it, others won’t care but rather appreciate not having to pay for the feature.

Between 1983 and 2007, Naim had only one integrated amplifier available, although the product has seen several guises. Archived from the original on 15 July 2013. ^ «Naim Nait 5». What Hi-fi?, November 2000 (courtesy link). Archived from the original on 30 July 2013. ^ Garcia, Wayne (29 November 2008). «Naim Audio NAC122x Preamp and NAP150x Power Amp». The Absolute Sound. Like the early NAITs it’s a musically communicative, minimalist design, but now the performance is balanced by worthwhile sophistication and poise. The Supernait isn’t simply more full-featured of course but also runs a bigger power supply though the general circuitry is supposedly identical with the XS. TechnoTwo notes on the speaker posts. In standard Naim form, bananas only may apply. BTW don’t get fooled with it’s power rating. This is a loud and proud amazing integrated that does everything exceptionally well.

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