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Изящный велокомпьютер обеспечивает не только необходимые велофункции, но и измеряет каденс. Mine is perhaps a bit tight, but good enough for now! Богатый перечень функций этой модели оставляет позади многих конкурентов. Потом потихоньку я понял, что запись прервалась как кончилось время 13 часов.

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This would also be great for a ‘lapped’ race, where you could set a waypoint each time you begin a new lap, and thus analyze each lap independently post-race. If you turn on the audible alarms, the unit will beep at you when you change heart rate zones. This may be impossible on a wireless unit, but my cheap-o Cateye wired unit was better, so it’s a bit disappointing! These issues are why the iBike has never really caught on, despite having a much more attractive price-point than other power meters. It just simply doesn’t work as well. This allows you to analyze your ride, compare with friends and view a map of where you rode. Так выглядит телеметрия с частотой пульса и рельефом поездки. Текущая скорость, время в пути или одометр, точно также, как и часы отлично …Подробнее Название: Велокомпьютер VELO 8, CC-VL810 8 ф-ций чернАртикул: 1354122879Описание:Функции: Текущая скорость Максимальная скорость Средняя скорость Функция сравнения текущей и средней скорости. The interchangeable computer holder is an option when you change the cycle computer. [Under Bracket]Compatible with Go-Pro, Sony HDR-AS15, HDR-AS30, HDR-AS100, Shimano CM-1000, Garmin VIRB X and VIRB XE. However, it appears that Sigma have added a couple of arguably less-than-useful new features (Power, Expansion) and one neat, but not groundbreaking one (Ghost Race) to their existing unit. Series NavigationSigma Rox 9.0 Follow-up Review – One Year In.

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Luckily you can turn the volume down, or turn off the audible alarm all-together. While riding, there’s a noticeable ‘lag’ in the change in values, which is a bit annoying. But if I know I am going for a 2 hour ride, and will be downloading immediately after, why not give me an option to record every second? Прибор позволяет с точностью кардиомонитора считывать ЧСС и автоматически определять пульсовые зоны. When you enter Zone 1, you get a long single beep; Zone 2, two long beeps, and three long beeps alert you that you are entering Zone 3. Makes sense! Expansion: Another new feature is the inclusion of “Expansion” as an on-screen option, and a value recorded in the logs. Сложив общее время трех поездок, у меня вышло больше 13 часов.Так что, вы стоите перед выбором — очищать лог после каждой поездки или же просто увеличить интервал записи.

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Make sure to mount it far enough from the bottom that you can still press the buttons. The Rox also comes with a one-year warranty, to give you peace of mind about your investment. This went quite smoothly since it’s a full wireless unit. The Rox features IPX7 water resistance; it can resist submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

For some reason my low-end Cateye was virtually instant in this respect, so it’s a bit disappointing. Проводит подсчет основных необходимых показателей для того, чтобы Вы могли улучшать свои результаты. The altimeter on the Rox is pressure based, which means it will be more accurate than a GPS-based altimeter. Unless, of course, they’ve magically figured out the power calculation and the results are good, in which case this is a huge winner. Am I holding my breath on that? No. And I doubt you should either. Здесь показывается — Средний пульс-Максимальный пульс-Время нахождения в каждой из пульсовых зон-Процентное соотношение между пульсовыми зонами-Количество сожжённых калорий.Следующие три позиции я приведу при сравнении двух поездок. Большой дисплей и цифры, очень прост в управлении. Компьютер сам распознал оба датчика, стоило только крутануть колесо и прокрутить педали. The unit will record a ‘log’ or a ‘ride’ – essentially, if you do nothing (just snap the unit in and start riding) it will record a ‘ride.’ It’ll store standard values for 7 rides, stamping them each with a date and time. This means you can’t link the Rox 9.1 with your SRM or PowerTap, or multitude of other ‘open’ devices.

During your ride, you will see a line representing the path you should follow. The bottom portion of the display can be customized to page through almost any of the other values possible. Summary The Rox’s greatest strength lies in its high level of functionality when compared to its price. Эта модель имеет обновленный дизайн, большой экран и одну навигационную кнопку.

However, I was planning on using zip-ties anyway, so I was not too concerned. The clearance between the cadence magnet and cadence sensor/transmitter has to be pretty tight in order for it to pick up, but once I got it set, it hasn’t failed since! On my (relatively short) stem, the computer fills almost the entire stem. The first minor issue with the unit cropped up here. Выбираете нужный вам тур и просматриваете все данные, которые сохранил ваш вело компьютер за поездку. The large middle display section displays your speed and misc. icons.

This allows you to train more effectively, as you can monitor your pedaling to keep it at optimum levels. Since there seems to be some interest in these computers, and little discussion (at least in English,) I thought I’d take a quick look at the features of the new units and provide my thoughts. You should not confuse breadcrumb navigation with the turn-by-turn map-based navigation found on some high-end bicycle GPS units. While it features an LCD monochrome screen more commonly associated with simple bicycle computers, the Rox has advanced bike GPS capabilities such as navigation and ANT+ sensor compatibility. With the competition that’s currently out there, I’m not sure the Sigma has a real value-equation working for it. Unfortunately, Sigma chose perhaps a poor approach to adding power; they didn’t make the Rox 9.1 ANT+ compatible.

The sticky pad on the mount (mounts equally well on stem or bars by the way) is tenacious, so if you position it wrong, it will tear when you pull it off to reposition. I learned that the hard way! Although the Sigma Sport Rox 10.0 looks like a basic bike computer at first glance, it is anything but basic. Как и все компьютеры …Подробнее Название: Велокомпьютер CatEye Velo 8Артикул: 1354122775Описание:Удобный и простой велокомпьютер CatEye. Открываем первую строку.Gesamtwerte (Общие данные) Radfahren — здесь показывается общий километраж (в моем случае километраж составляет 8492 км. Но это я еще за прошлый год 6480 км внес.)Herzfreguenz — общее количество сожжённых калорий. The top row will show elevation, inclination, heart rate and cadence, either all four at once, or one at a time in a much larger font. I find that all four at once is great, and (unless you’re going really hard) still quite legible while riding. Power: You can’t put out a high-end cycling computer and be competitive in the current market without including power. Когда я начал перекидывать на компьютер данные, то не мог понять куда делась телеметрия.

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